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Item # 14107 1/144
JAPANESE NAVY "Mitsubishi A6M2b ZERO Fighter"
2 aircraft kitsin a box
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Mitsubishi A6M2b ZERO Fighter kit; Finely molded parts; 0.3 mm thin clear canopy parts, a separate engine part, landing gear structure, drop tanks and the separate wintips to make optional folding position. Molded in the newly discovered authentic ZERO's color "Light Olive green," similar to British "sky." (the photos below are the test shots in gray) Recessed panel lines and all the rivets. High quality decal, Exquisite details better than ever. The Decal printed by CARTOGRAF in Italy includes ELEVEN ZERO Fighters markings. Includes fine stripes printed in the ZERO's exterior color for the canopy frames. A colorful marking guide also included.

All the fine panel lines and rivets are engraved. The parts are clean-cut and sharply molded. The REAL injection mold is evdent. The type 21's characteristic folding wing tips are molded separately. The landing gear wells are cut realistically deep and have the intricate inner details. This feature is often compromised even in 1/48 scale aircraft model kit. It is more than the 1/144 standard.


Can you count the number of rivets on a tiny access panel of flap accutuator? ..... Six!

The decal depicts eleven Land Base ZERO Fighter markings.

The Sweet 1/144 scale ZERO Fighter has been receiving the rave reviews from critical ZERO Fighter fans in Japan since it's release.

Is this 1/48 scale? Is it 1/72 scale?
No, it's a SWEET 1/144 scale!!
You've got to see to believe it.

Sweet Modeler's Photo Gallery

Model by: Don Kenske from Clinton Twp, MI

・Click photos for larger images.

Thank you, Don!

Diorama A6M2 ZERO Fighter on deck of IJN Carrier "AKAGI"
built by Matthias Pohl from Germany
・Click photo for larger images.

・Click photo for larger images.

Matthias Pohl from Germany sent us the photos of this great diorama, deck of IJN aircraft carrier AKAGI using SWEET ZERO Fighter kit (#14107), Japanese carrier flight deck (#14119) and AKAGI Fighter Group (Pearl Harbor) set ( #14-D007).
Keep up the good work Matthias ,
Thank you!

Captured A6M2 ZERO in US Markings
Modeled by Edgars Bizuns from Latvia
・Click photo for larger images.

・Click photo for larger images.

Edgars wrote us; "Hello! This is USAF Zero. It was taken by US Army for testing. Bort number was EB201 (funny - EB are my initils), but I couldn't represent that on this model.
Thanks :) Edgars Bizuns, Latvia

Thanks! Edgars,



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