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"Army Type 1 Fighter HAYABUSA (Ki43-1) 64th Hiko Sentai"
2 aircraft kits in a box
$24.00 Retail


2 complete kits in a box

Nakajima Army Type 1 Fighter HAYABUSA (ki-43-1) 64th Hiko Sentai (1941-1942) ; Finely molded parts; 0.3 mm thin clear canopy parts, landing gear structure, two under wing drop tanks. Molded gray plastic. fine recessed panel lines. The Decal printed by CARTOGRAF in Italy provides three individual aircraft markings plus various "Chutai" markings from the 64th Hiko-Sentai including Famous Ace Lt. Col. Tateo Kato's aircraft.

The parts are clean-cut and sharply molded. Parfect fitting of parts is one of hallmarks of SWEET model kit.


The decal includes markings of famous Japanese Army Aces.

Even tiny telescopic gun sight is molded in clear plastic.



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