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#14-D003 1/144 scale Westland Sea King (Royal Airforce, Royal Navy)
One Snap-Tight kit and one decal sheet (7 markings) included.
$16.00 Retail

Including newly tooled parts; the radome and 6 bladed tail rotor for for Westland Sea Kings


One Snap-Tight kit and one decal sheet (7 markings) included.

#14-D003 Description; Snap-Tight kit of 1/144 scale Westland Sea King Helicopter.
The snap-tight kit consist of 25 light gray injection plastic parts and 2 optional clear parts for different nose section. All panel lines and window frames are recessed. Model Lengh: 6 & 1/4" when it's built. Decal Sheet; The decal depicts 7 aircraft markings from Royal Airforce, Royal Navy;

HAR Mk3A (Royal Air Force 202 Squadron "ZE370",) HAR3 (Royal Air Force 78 Squadron "XZ597" staitioned at Mt. Pleasant in Falkland islands,) HAR3 (Royal Air Force 22 Squadron "XZ587",) HAR3 (Royal Air Force 202 Squadron "ZE369",)

HAS Mk2 (Royal Navy 824 Squadron XZ578 "R 055" HMS Ark Royal,) HAS Mk2 (Royal Navy 820 Squadron XV671 "BL413" HMS Blake,) HAS Mk2 (Royal Navy 826 Squadron XZ571 "TG140" HMS Tiger.)

High quality decal printed in Italy by CARTOGRAF.


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