my name is Matthias Pohl and I’m from Homberg (Efze) in Germany. A few years ago I built some airplane models by SWEET, to build them was so much fun, I enjoyed it very much! I put them together in little dioramas and today I would like to show you the pictures in the appendix.


Here is  little description of what I did by building the Zero’s diorama (borrowed and translated from my own homepage www.matthias-pohl-modellbau.de):



SWEET Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero


For the first time I tried the kits of the brand SWEET and was so excited! I combined the Zero kits (no. 14107) and the japanese carrier flight deck (no.14119). Really great! But in the end the two Zeros from the kit seemed to be a little bit lonely on the deck. So I added two more Zeros and one Aichi D3A Val, the very rare ARII kit, which is no longer available.


Additional decals are from SWEET too (item no. 14-D007), with that sheet you're able to cover every Zero in the Akagi's air wing during the Pearl Harbor strikes!


Painted with VALEO colors, washing with oil paint from SCHMINKE, a little bit of dry brushing, the antenna wire is a single fiber of a panty hose...  ;o))))


I had to wait a long time for the parcel from Japan where I ordered the figures from MICRO LIFE. A few more are from PREISER. Well-fitting pics for the background were found in the web - and that's it! Hope you enjoy it!


During the 9th international plastic modelling exhibition in Erfurt, Germany (9-26/9-27 2009) this diorama gained the silver medal in the category "aircraft dioramas".


Meanwhile I participated in some more modelling contests with my Akagi diorama and two times won a “gold medal” (Fuldatal 2012 + Heiden 2013)!



Mustangs of the 15th Air Force, Italy 1944


My Mustangs were built right out of the box, some PREISER figures were added. This little diorama (placed on a little picture frame) was sold at an plastic modelling exhibition directly after finishing it, so I had no chance to enter in a contest with these two little planes…  But the customer was so ambitious of buying this diorama…   ;o)))))

I’ll built another one for myself some days!


I would be very proud if you release some of my pictures on your own homepage, maybe you put a link to my homepage, if you want. Feel free to use theses pics (by mentioning the builder), I hope you like them!


kind regards